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Welcome to WhenAt60 Solutions!

Your one stop at home services provider for the elderly!

They deserve more than an old age facility. They deserve to LIVE in their own home.

  •  Concerned about the well being of your elderly parents?
  • Unable to help them go about their daily lives because of your hectic work schedule?
  • Living far away, that despite your yearly visits they need more help than they did a year ago?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need WhenAt60 Solutions unique at-home services for the elderly in Delhi and NCR. We provide all types of assistance to your elderly loved ones, that is completely flexible and customized to suit every family’s need.

We help you give them the care and attention they need to allow them to continue living in the comfort of their own homes.

With over 30 exclusive services at your door step, WhenAt60 Solutions is an incomparable, first of its kind organization helping elders age healthily and happily.

As a professional organization We share regular monthly reports so you can track their progress with us.

WhenAt60 Solutions is a premium continuous care proposition – a comprehensive eco-system that embraces and encourages the idea, that life can be magical post 60 and paves the way to “Rejoice not Retire™ ” for you.

Why WhenAt60 Solutions?

  • Services delivered at home
  • Professional, consistent and reliable services
  • A membership package to suit every need
  • Compassionate, dedicated and trained whispering warriors (your relationship officer)
  • Regular progress reports to family members delivered anywhere in the world


Mission :

  • To bring to seniors and their friends and loved ones vital information, services and products to help strengthen and prolong productive and good quality independent living.
  • To act as a facilitator towards making human aging more productive and fulfilling – Productive Aging.
  • To create re-employment opportunities for seniors
  • To enrich the quality of life for seniors

“Let’s learn and grow before and after turning 60. Let’s go tame this beast called maturity!”


 If you feel strongly about this cause, we would like you to join hands with us.

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