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Techi~Tude workshop’s mission is to provide senior citizens education for and access to Cell Phone & Computer Technologies to enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge and wisdom. Find out how you can become a part of Techi~Tude and start enjoying the benefits today!…..



Active seniors know how to keep the good times rolling with activities for the body, mind and spirit. A full, vibrant, and independent life demands all three. Whether you are healthy retiree or in need of a little physical, mental, or emotional “tune up”, there are plenty of fun activities to suit your needs….

In-Home Care

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A bouquet of need based fully customizable services covering Intellectual Companionship, Positive Counseling, Medical/Shopping Escort, Technology Training and much more to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you or your loved ones in the comfort of your home….

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Smart Talent

Smart Talent

Helping undergraduates gain the skills they need to compete for jobs, transform lives — and strengthen economies. That’s why we’re developing talent with right cross functional skills for the jobs of tomorrow and today.


Intellectual Companionship 590 Hrs
Technology Sessions 480 Hrs
Recreation Sessions 450 Hrs
Positive Counselling 230 Hrs
Advisory Sessions 210 Hrs