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Spreading Joy and Happiness

Welcome to WhenAt60 !

 WhenAt60.com is an Elder care Initiative to promote Independence and Dignity among people at 60. We are a caring and compassionate internet destination devoted to helping seniors become more comfortable with growing age. WhenAt60.com is not about imitating youth or dazzling you with speed. WhenAt60.com is about aging well and aging with full contentment and happiness.

Vision :

Welcome to Whispering Warriors™ !

Our Whispering Warriors  are a group of trained professionals who are eager to meticulously solve your needs while you stay in the comfort of your location. These professionals have been handpicked and especially trained to understand your specific needs and develop that sense of peace and comfort around you. Their motto is “Rejoice not Retire™ ” in a youth-obsessed society.

Mission :

  • To bring to seniors and their friends and loved ones vital information, services and products to help strengthen and prolong productive and good quality independent living.
  • To act as a facilitator towards making human aging more productive and fulfilling – Productive Aging.
  • To create re-employment opportunities for seniors
  • To enrich the quality of life for seniors

“Let’s learn and grow before and after turning 60. Let’s go tame this beast called maturity!”

Aging is a natural process and all of us will experience it over time. However, with our active participation, we can make it a happy, peaceful and satisfying time for you. We at WhenAt60 seek your active support and involvement in making this an enjoyable experience. We are sure, that your individual role in this journey will pave the way to “Rejoice not Retire™ ” for you as well as for others. If you feel strongly about this cause, we would like you to join hands with us.

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