About us

We believe that the contribution older people make to society is invaluable. Yet older people remain some of the most neglected in the world. Ageing is a physical process, however one does not age mentally.

India’s senior population (Persons above the age of 60) has already crossed the 100 Million mark during 2011. With fast growing senior population, the issues concerning seniors cannot be ignored any longer. There is a strong need for an immediate intervention through inclusive reinforcements by the state, as well as private agencies.

At WhenAt60 Solutions Pvt. Ltd., it is our humble beginning towards according that special attention to this need. It is our endeavor to work towards bringing back that lost smile and pride on the faces of our seniors’, while they stay in the comfort of their location.

What We Stand for


  • To bring to seniors and their friends and loved ones vital information, services and products to help strengthen and prolong productive and good quality independent living
  • To act as a facilitator towards making human aging more productive and fulfilling – Productive Aging
  • To create re-employment opportunities for seniors
  • To enrich the quality of life for seniors

We celebrate our successes and are committed to helping each team member expand their sense of self and accomplishments. Nowhere else will you achieve the rewarding personal and professional growth you’ll experience working in our care-focused environment.

At WhenAt60 Solutions Pvt. Ltd., our leadership team comprises of successful professionals from varied fields, who have an established track record of success and sharing, regard and concern for seniors. Our concern for seniors and determination to create the new age ecosystem for seniors binds us together. To further this charter they are being supported by a team of professionals (we call them Whispering Warriors ) who are handpicked and trained individually. This team is young and energetic, and carries a tremendous passion to serve elders with a smile.

NinjaOur Ninjas are lifeline of our organization, after all they are the one who shape out the services we provide to senior citizens into reality with their special personalized touch. Here we take pride in introducing our team of Ninjas.