Alliances and Corporate Sponsors

 Medical & Insurance


WhenAt60 welcomes Vasan eye care  as our partner for providing the best eye care services to senior citizens.

Vasan Eye Care Hospitals are committed to enhance the quality of life by reviving the vision and advancing ophthalmic knowledge via compassionate patient care and world class services at  150 centers across the country with more than 750 ophthalmologists and 8500+ trained Staff.

Special privileges for WhenAt60 members ranging from One time free eye checkup to special discounts on surgeries, procedures and opticals.


Kailash Physiotherapy


Whenat60 Solutions welcomes Kailash Physiotherapy as our partner for providing the best physiotherapist for our members. Kailash Physiotherapy is making Health care simpler for everyone by providing expert physiotherapist from their team of more than 75000 Doctors at your doorstep. This makes Kailash Physiotherapy a relevant part of the future of Health care in NCR region.


Norma DND


Whenat60 Solutions welcomes Norma DND as our partner for providing the best of Nursing Care for our members. The experience and expertise of Norma has enabled us to provide our member base with maximal satisfaction which provides us with Nursing Care and professionally trained attendant services especially equipped for seniors. Norma is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company thus the services provided by them are standard & up to the mark. Norma is committed to provide state-of-the-art services in a proper organizational perspective.


Whenat60 Solutions welcomes Medirent Services as our partner for providing the best medical equipments to seniors.

Care giving techniques require hi-tech, expensive medical equipment. Most of these equipments are expensive & they are often needed for a few days or weeks thus buying them do not make much sense even if one can afford them.  Medirent services Pvt Ltd has taken a revolutionary step in renting out expensive medical equipment for home use at affordable rentals. Thus improving the quality of life of the “sick, disabled, old & infirm” & saving the lives of the patients who are facing life threatening situations.

Harmony Medipsyche

 Whenat60 Solutions welcomes Harmony Medipsyche as our partner for providing the best physiotherapist for our members.

Harmony Medipsyche is a unique organization for enhancing the performance of the human component. The well-Being of an individual depends upon mental and physical Health which has long term implications. In providing a proactive Approach towards Self-Actualization Harmony Medipsyche provides us with best counseling and psychological services for our members.


Hygiene and Comfort

Just Pressed

Whenat60 Solutions welcomes Just Pressed as our partner for presenting JustPressed™ Cold Pressed Craft Juices – the First Cold Pressed Juice Brand in India!

Made from the best raw products which are cleaned using the best technology, these juices are 100% pure and natural with no additives. Hand crafted for a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirits, this range of juices has delicate and exceptional flavour notes and are super healthy!

JustPressed™ juices are FSSAI approved and are unpasteurized to retain all the raw goodness and hence have a shelf life of 3 days in a refrigerator.

The juices are delivered free all over Delhi NCR!

Finance & Portfolio

Deepam Marketing    


WhenAt60 Solutions welcomes Deepam Marketing Enterprise as our partner to help seniors to manage their money more efficiently.

Their services include:

  1. Financial advice & execution to earn better returns from your surplus funds without compromising on safety.
  2. Assistance in matters related to old investments:
  3. Ensuring proper joint holding & nominations in all investments
  4. Ensuring that contact details & bank account details are updated in all old investments Checking present status of old investments
  5. Maintaining a list of all investments in our software so that a consolidated up-to-date portfolio value is available at the click of a button.