a~World – Top apps for the elderly

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We’ve compiled an extensive list of apps to help care for your parent and to keep your parent entertained. They are available for iPhone, iPad and android devices. Apps featured here cover medical, mobility, reading, hearing, help with shopping, social media, games and hobbies.  The a~World sessions are offered in the comfort of your home in an easy to understand and fun way.

It’s no secret that as we get older, our brains are getting older too. Age makes us wiser, sure, but it also makes it harder to recall words and process information. Use it or lose it, they say – those with the best brains as older adults are those who take the time to engage their mental muscle regularly whether through crossword puzzles, Sudoku or through specially designed brain-training smartphone apps.

Register your parents for these home sessions and feel the sparkle in their eyes.

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