Gift of Time

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Fast life, busy schedules, deadlines to meet, official meetings, time with family. Is there someone left out? Probably, unable to notice in this rut of life. Those who gave all their life to make us what we are today, our Mother and Father. When was the last time you spent a peaceful evening with them, or a lovely dinner or did you see them laughing? Well, to be honest, our busy schedule does not allow all this. Still crave to see them smiling? Or longing to hear that lost laughter again?

WhenAt60 Solutions understands all these needs and offer you our premier services. Our efficiently trained Whispering Warriors will make sure that your Parents feel valued again. At WhenAt60 Solutions our time philanthropy initiatives combines efforts and time to make a huge impact to positively change the lives of our senior citizens and also contribute to community learning.

Our Services that will help you offer your Elder Parents A GIFT OF TIME

Ask for all or any that suits your needs and schedule:-