i~World – Internet training for seniors

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Search, Google, Scroll, Online banking, Pay Online……

Do any of the above terms  seem confusing?
Do ALL of the above terms seem confusing?
Does looking at them give you a dull pain between your ears?
Does sending an email seem like a major accomplishment?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions then this session is for you. For those of you who are entering the information super highway late in life and have children or grandchildren who know more about computers than you, then welcome to the i~World training.

Join us as we show you the ins and outs of the internet world using simplified terms, examples, pictures and videos in easy-to-understand English. Geek is not spoken here.

Discuss your favorite topics, ask your toughest questions or just shoot the breeze with beginners and geeks at our i~World training session.

This session will cover every area necessary to turn your computer from a paperweight to a valuable tool for productivity, communication, business, entertainment and much more:

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Tel : +91 1164599897,  Mob : +91 9818336738

Market Price : Rs 1,980/- Per Session

Limited Period Offer : Rs 500/- Per Session*

*Session Duration : 60 Minutes