Varun Ojha – Shares his experience

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My name is VARUN OJHA. Here is my story about my experience of being an integral part of whenAt60 Solutions.

Before joining this organization I consider, that I was nothing compared to what I gained in last couple of months. Looking back, I think I was in deep water where I was just trying to keep myself afloat to keep my head above in this corporate jungle.

After I got selected as an inside sales executive, within next 3-4 days I got nervous as I realized while I had the enthusiasm and vigor to do good, I lacked the right skills to make the desired difference for the organization. The nervousness was so high that I was almost seeing my end in this organization. I decided to QUIT……

Once, I shared my nervousness with Deepa ma’am, she suggested that I meet Joydeep Sir. This meeting I think is the turning point of my life. Joydeep sir, not only took it in a calm way, he first made me comfortable to defuse my nervousness. He instilled so much of confidence in me that I got my self-confidence back. He showed me how not to make the work your only representation and also trained me how to love and enjoy your work, such that one can create a comfortable work life balance.

I decided to consolidate myself and promised to reorganize myself in the next coming days. Every word in that meeting kept hovering on my head for the next few days. The result, I think is nothing short of miracle in my life. I am a more happy man now, who is not only responsible for my primary role of sales, I am happy to share that I am constantly engaging myself into different kinds of activities wearing different hats, which is constantly adding new dimensions and rich experience in my life.

I am loving this experience and this new Varun at WhenAt60 Solutions.

I am yet to this kind of a new age organization that not only is known for it’s work culture, it is also proud of providing such inclusive services to senior citizens.

First of all, I would like pay my sincere thanks to Mr. Joydeep for his timely intervention and guidance towards shaping my future and also my heartfelt thanks to WhenAt60 Solutions family for painstakingly working towards creating such a beautiful work culture.

Reading my story, if you are feeling jealous….

May be it is time for you to also explore your career in a unique eldercare organization like this.