WhenAt60 Solutions Techi~Tudians ki Pathshala

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WhenAt60 Solutions Techi~Tudians ki Pathshala

Author : Sonam Chopra One fine Monday morning when all of us in office were gearing up for the week, one of our colleagues had something different to offer and we got interested i ...

Author : Sonam Chopra

One fine Monday morning when all of us in office were gearing up for the week, one of our colleagues had something different to offer and we got interested in a minute to what he was telling us. Working day in and day out in making elderly people age healthily and happily he suggested to make them rejoice in a Techi~Tudian way. Our first reaction was who is a Techi-tudian, what all can he do and how will we make this happen. As all of you must be wondering the dynamics behind it we were also surprised in the beginning thinking if this could be possible and what follows from here is the journeying of technology familiarization exclusively for elderly people.

We planned to launch a Techi~tude workshop with the sole objective to engage seniors productively with the usage and experience of cell phone and face book in this fast paced world. The euphoria of planning, organizing and crafting a WoW factor for seniors took a month wherein we worked on the training process, the participants, the black book of Dos and Don’ts sponsorships, venue, food, games design, rewards and recognition, feedback board, photography to ensure enhancing their experience of a living a day as a Techi~tudian.

Finally the day happened on 20th September 2014 in Silver Oak Gurgaon. All jittery and glued to the big event day we focused ourselves on the workshop believing in making each senior citizen a Techi~tudian in a fun and interactive way. Unlike the usual setup of lecturing seen in different training programs, we welcomed all of them to this masti ki pathshala called WhenAt60 Solutions where there was a headmaster, there were teachers, there were game periode, lunch time, prizes distributions to balance learning and fun. As the day opened, they were introduced to the days time table and the most exciting part was seeing each of the seniors revisiting their young days and they signaled with their claps that they were ready to learn and grow.

The first session was a narrative mode of familiarization with a cell phone and appreciating the different features of a phone. After each session there was a practice session to make them feel comfortable in their usage and operations. The second session was the act of using face book to get in touch with long lost friends. This exercise took us to a time where they were finding friends in the time of 1961 and becoming friends with their sons and daughters. One of the attendees insisted on dropping a message to the friend even though there was a list of 10 such different people with the similar name.  Through this workshop every elderly person could live the generation gap and experience the binding through their use of technology. A few remarked that, ‘children don’t have time and patience to teach us’ wherein another few said, ‘maybe we don’t make time to learn new things and let old age govern our lives most of the time’.

Without fun there cannot be an end to anything. Post the lunch session there were a few practice sessions on using the different features of face book after which we started the games sessions. Each of them thoroughly enjoyed the games and it was a delight for the eyes to see them all smiling and grooving. As we grow up, we don’t notice that they also want to enjoy even though they don’t ask for. The Techi~Tudian pathshala came to an end with our five special award giving ceremony which included the Smiley Techi~Tude, Contributing Techi~Tude, Foodie Techi~Tude, In-Style Teci~Tude and Ever Ready Techi~Tude. Each of them nominated their friends and maximum votes decided the champions of the day. The end was embraced by experience sharing, thanks giving, certificate of participation and a group photograph because memories of every batch is different. And that was the day where we witnessed the transition of  being to becoming a Techi~Tudian in senior citizens.

As we put it, Techi~Tude is an attitude we live with by becoming aware, comfortable and happy with the experience of technology in our life. Here is a glimpse for you…….